Ski-in ski-out accommodation

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Premium Stay ‘Gou

Premium Stay ‘Gou

This hotel-type accommodation opened in 2020. The location right by the ski slopes of Geto Kogen is a big attraction.
You can overlook the slopes from the large windows, and we promise you a comfortable and stylish time.
Equipped with a shared kitchen and dining room, guests can enjoy time off the slopes with other like-minded guests.
This accommodation is also recommended for long-term stays as it has a laundry and drying room.

Private dormitory


This is a dormitory room with a skier's bed divided into smaller areas.
It is a popular place where you can easily stay with friends and family. The location on the 2nd Floor of the onsen hot spring facility makes for a convenient and comfortable stay.

mix sormitory


Each bed is separated by a wall on three sides and a curtain on one side. The facility is on the 2nd Floor of the onsen hot spring facility, so it is convenient. It is recommended for people who are mainly thinking about skiing or snowboarding and want basic overnight accommodation. The bathroom has cleansing foam, shampoo, conditioner, and body soap, but please bring your own towels. (Rental towels are available). In addition, hair dryers are available.


スキーヤーズベット、Dormitory Roomの夕食朝食会場はレストラン兎森となります。






Geto Kogen Onsen-kyo

瀬美温泉 美人の湯

Semi Onsen

A hot spring ryokan famous for its ‘Bijin no Yu’ (hot spring good for the skin) where you can enjoy three types of spring water. We also recommend the annex, which has superior rooms. We also recommend dishes that use plenty of fresh ingredients.

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水神温泉 湯元東館

Mizugami Onsen Yumoto Azumakan

Surrounded by rich, diverse nature, the hot spring water from the high-quality source will soothe your mind and body.

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Santa House GETO

Log house and trailer house style accommodation that is perfect for group use.

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Pension Sifon

This is a pension located next to Mizugami Onsen. About 15 minutes from Geto Kogen.

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千貫石温泉 湯元東館

Sengaishi Onsen Yumoto Azumakan

This hot spring is located in Kanegasaki Town, next to Kitakami City. It is only 20 minutes from Geto Kogen. These hot springs are loved by local people.

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Hotels near Kitakami Station


Comfort Hotel Kitakami

This hotel is in a convenient location in front of the East Exit of Kitakami Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen. All plans include free breakfast.

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Hotel City Plaza Kitakami

This hotel offers rooms with views overlooking the river and mountain ranges. It has a quiet and calm atmosphere and offers comfortable accommodation. There is also stop on the free shuttle bus route at this hotel.

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Montein Hotel

The hotel is located along National Route 4 and has a parking lot, making it easy to access. You can enjoy pleasant views from the rooftop public bath.

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Green Hotel Kitakami

A 2-minute walk from JR Kitakami Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen line. It is ideal as a base for both sightseeing and business.

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Kusano Hotel

This hotel is located at the entrance of the downtown area of Kitakami and just a 5-minute walk from the station. There is a shuttle bus stop for the ski area in front of the hotel, making is very convenient.

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Kusano Inn Kitakami

It is located at the entrance of the downtown area with a 5-minute walk from the station, and there is a shuttle bus stop for ski resorts in front of the hotel, which is very convenient!

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Nanbu Hotel

This hotel is in a great location, just a 1-minute walk from the West Exit of Kitakami Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen line. It has a 127-year history and offers a well-established high level of service.

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ホHotel Route-Inn Kitakami Ekimae

This hotel is located next to the West Exit of the station. Wi-Fi is available in all rooms. It is in a good location where you can walk to and from downtown.

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Hotel Mets Kitakami

This hotel is adjacent to the West Exit of JR Kitakami Station. It is connected by a covered walkway and there is a shuttle bus stop nearby.

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Mars Kitakami

This is a large facility where you can stay next to Kitakami Ezuriko IC exit of the expressway. In addition to a selection of baths and saunas, you can also watch popular theater. There are also restaurants and food stalls, so you don't have to worry about finding a place to eat.

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Hanamaki Onsen ・South Hanamaki Onsen

結びの宿 愛隣館


Enjoy hot springs in 17 different baths! Unique features such as the 100% free-flowing ‘pottery bath’ and ‘standing open-air bath’. The main dish for dinner is the famous brand Hakkinton pork!

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Hanamaki Onsen / 4 inns

There are four lodging facilities to choose from at Hanamaki Onsen; Hotel Koyokan, Hotel Hanamaki, Hotel Senshukaku and Kashoen. Here, you can enjoy hot springs and local Iwate specialities.

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山の神温泉 優香苑

Yamanokami Onsen Yuukaen

A hot spring inn built by a shrine carpenter, surrounded by the colors of the four seasons and the warmth of wood.

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