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Introducing the main ski courses at Geto Kogen


A1 Course

This is the main ski course at Geto Kogen. It is also available for night skiing operations.
From the start position both Heart Forest and (in the distance) Kitakami City can be seen. After passing Heart Forest and branching off from the A4 course, you can enjoy a long cruising run along the mountain ridge. A1 is a popular course for beginners to intermediate skiers and is popular during night skiing.


A2 course

The A2 course is a trail that starts immediately after getting off the Number 1 Pair Lift. There is a slight gradient in the first half and gentler contours in the second half. A2 makes for a perfect warming-up run in the morning! A banked course is usually set up in the spring season.


A3 course

This bumpy, powdery slope is also available during night skiing operations. The A3 course is a run of ungroomed snow on the right side after getting off the Number 1 Pair Lift. It quickly gets moguls and stands out as you ride the lift. It's easy to access using the lift, making it popular with mogul fans.


A4 course

A4 is a dynamic intermediate-level run and starts at the top of the Number 1 Gondola. It is also available during night skiing and is a popular course when there are soft powder conditions on snowy days. The course can be seen from the gondola and is the kind of course that changes from the beginning to the end. The last drop is the most challenging and is a fun test for intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders.


A5 course

A5 is a gentle slope for beginners and suitable for children too. The run is serviced by the Number 2 Pair Lift, and the pitch is gentle from start to finish. Perfect for people learning to use the lifts and starting out skiing and snowboarding. Beginner lessons are also held on A5. There is also a wave slope on the side that beginners can enjoy.


A6 course

A6 is a course starting from the Number 2 Gondola summit station. It is a panoramic course where you can enjoy fine views of Mt. Chokai and Mt. Iwate. There is also an observatory at the starting position, where you can experience 360-degree panorama views. There is also an entrance to some of the Tree Run areas.


B1 course

B1 is a long, intermediate long run full of variety and changes! The beginning is gentle, but from the middle point onwards, it becomes a pleasant intermediate course. In the second half, the slope becomes even steeper, ending on a steep slope. Great for times of fresh power snowfalls.


B2 course

B2 is probably the most attention-grabbing powder run at Geto Kogen! It is an advanced ungroomed snow course that branches off from B1. This course is especially popular as a place where you can enjoy the best powder after fresh snowfall. The last steep slope is a hot spot for powder lovers! Very addictive!


B3 course

B3 offers excellent snow quality on a north-facing slope. It is one of the most difficult courses at Geto Kogen. The course branches off from C4 and features ungroomed snow and a steep gradient. This course is loved by powder lovers and is the first place many want to ride when it snows.


C1 course

C1 offers variety and ungroomed snow. Get off the Quad Lift and turn left to hit C1. It acts as an excellent training slope, and it can also be a hidden powder spot when it snows. Recommended for when there is light powder snow.


C2 course

This is a SAJ-certified course that is also used for pole training. The snow on this run is groomed and often used for alpine training camps. It is ideal for practicing medium and large turns. Snow usually remains on this run during the spring season, and it can be used as a private course for groups.


C3 course

C3 is a long and wide intermediate course. It is slightly steeper than C2. This course offers ungroomed snow with a medium slope and is generally suitable for enjoying long-cruising on powder. The course is wide and long, so you can enjoy it in various ways depending on how you ride. It can also be used as a pole rental course during the spring season.


C4 course

C4 is an exhilarating course that takes you through a beech forest. This course goes around the outer circumference of the ski resort. In the upper section, it is connected to the A6 course. C4 is a beginner slope where you can leisurely cruise while taking in the scenery and natural beauty of the nearby beech and white birch trees. The snow is usually groomed, and you will come down to the base of the Quad Lift. There is a slightly sloping section at the end, so beginners should slowly apply the brakes as they descend. On weekends, a shuttle runs from the Quad Lift platform to the Number 1 Gondola, making it easy to travel on the flat areas.


C5 course

Adrenaline rush! C5 is a steep slope from top to bottom. The C5 course is an advanced ungroomed snow slope, known very well only by those in the know. It is something of a hidden gem within Geto Kogen. It is the most advanced technical course at Geto Kogen.

Prohibited Areas, Out of Bounds, and Accident Response

Efforts to prevent accidents at Geto Kogen and outside of the managed areas.

①Entering the ‘Prohibited Areas’ displayed in red on the map is prohibited at all times. People entering those areas will be asked to leave immediately, and their lift tickets or season tickets will be confiscated.
②We will charge the actual cost of any rescue required in areas where skiing is prohibited.
①Safety management is not performed by the ski resort outside of the designated management area. There are many serious dangers outside the official area of the ski area, such as avalanche risk and cliffs.
②Accidents outside the controlled area are entirely the responsibility of the individual. As a rule, rescue requests are referred to the police.
③When entering outside the controlled area for winter mountain climbing, etc., it is necessary to submit a report notification. The submission box is at Mountain Information, next to the Ticket Center.This information will be a help in the event of an accident.
④When going outside the management area for winter mountain climbing, it is strongly recommended to be accompanied by a person familiar with the local topography and with specialized knowledge.
①Accidents outside the ski resort management area are entirely the responsibility of the individual.
②As a rule, rescue requests are made to the police, and the ski resort follows the instructions of the police.
③In the following cases, all expenses will be billed at the actual cost.
a, Expenses related to logistical support, such as providing countermeasures headquarters and waiting areas, transportation of personnel, etc.
b, When a ski resort patrol is dispatched. (Dispatch only happens when the risk of secondary disaster is low and the location can be identified)
Someone ventured outside the ski courses and had an accident in the evening. A friend called for help, and the police were dispatched.
In the case of being able to get down to the base on your own three hours after closing:
①At the ski resort, 8 people are on standby (including 2 people who have to go to work in an emergency), and the night-time lighting is extended for 3 hours.
②You are able to get back to base, relying on the night-time lighting.
6,000 yen for logistical supporters backers x 8 people x 3 hours 144,000 yen + overtime
Vehicle cost 20,000 yen x 2 vehicles 40,000 yen
Night lighting 135,000 yen x 3 hours 405,000 yen

Total cost of at least 589,000 yen
As described above, the cost of rescue resulting from off-course skiing is very high, even if you can get down the mountain yourself.
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